What's Wrong With Angry?

Sat 16th – Mon 18th Jun 2012


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Collingwood Drama Society


From the West End to Copenhagen, LA, San Francisco, Chicago and the Edinburgh Fringe, What's Wrong With Angry? has wooed a worldwide audience with its wit, hilarity and charm. Set in a school in Basingstoke in the early 90s, What's Wrong With Angry? is a coming of age story of Steven, a misunderstood teenager, and his unlikely relationship with the head boy and sports star, John. The play takes us to the school assembly, a school disco, an awkward funeral and includes a male and female model, a hilariously old-fashioned headmistress, embarrassing parents, touching moments and emotional rollercoasters. What's Wrong With Angry? is a challenging, fresh, and above all exciting play.

Ben Silverstone, who played Steven in the 1998 film adaptation, has this to say about What's Wrong With Angry?:

"It's obviously a gay love story. But to a large extent, the gay issue just highlights the difficulties most teenagers have in dealing with their parents and trying to establish an identity for themselves. The film works because the characters that surround Steven are so funny and diverse. It's full of moments every teenager will recognize. All those problems that arise out of teenage life are there."

Admission: £6(£5.50)

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