Story Map

Tue 31st Jan 2012


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Third Angel


Third Angel will attempt to map the entire world, alphabetically, in a day. To name every country in its own language, and to collect a story for every country, and to place it, correctly, on the map, from memory. Using cardboard, paper, pens and post-it notes, and with the help of the audience, Third Angel and Mala Voadora will build a portrait of the world, as it was, as it is now, and as it might be in the future.

Collecting stories of replicas, facsimiles, stand-ins and substitutes, Story Map is a 12 hour durational performance that asks if we have to fake the world in order to understand it. Join Third Angel at any point of the day, for as long as you can spare, to help them map the world.

Story Map is a durational research performance that gathers and exchanges stories. Stories collected also feed in to its companion theatre show, to be held at ARC on Thur 2 Feb, What I Heard About The World.

Both pieces are part of a collaboration between Third Angel and Mala Voadora (Lisbon), two companies who create original, accessible performance work for theatres and other spaces, and tour throughout Europe.

Devised and performed by Jorge Andrade, Alexander Kelly and Chris Thorpe, in collaboration with Rachael Walton and José Capela, Story Map is created in collaboration with

Admission: Free

ARC Theatre

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