Articulate: Editor by Claire Morgan

Wed 28th Mar 2012


“Soundbite to be specified”





ARC and Pink Lane


One day a woman has her personal journal containing the most intimate reflections on the last three years of her life stolen from her car.

It sets her off on a journey to discover: Who truly is the Editor? Is it her? Other people? The Cosmos? God? Or simply a random series of arbitrary events?

The venue is transformed into a landfill site, and as the woman searches amongst wheelie bins and bin liners for her discarded words, Editor forces us to re-consider life events, what it is that we value and why, what we believe to be truth, and what we find when we lose.

Produced by Newcastle poetry cabaret company Pink Lane, who have been cooking up a storm on the spoken word scene since 2008, this is latest body of work from Gateshead based spoken word artist Claire Morgan.

Written and performed by Claire Morgan

Music and soundscape by Tom Hollingworth and Michael Hann

Support comes from therunningchelsea, singer/songwriter Tom Hollingworth. He pursues his songs and writing through an ever broadening collection of sounds and theatrical techniques.

Show contains strong language and adult content.

Admission: £5(£4)

ARC Theatre

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