Double Bill: My Father and Other Superheroes by Nick Makoha and Lies About My Father by Phil Ormrod

Wed 29th Feb 2012


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Nick Makoha and Phil Ormrod


My Father and Other Superheroes by Nick Makoha

The day Nick Makoha realised he was going to become a father, he also realised he had no idea how to be one.

This is one man's honest revelation of how pop culture raised him in the absence of his father. We follow Nick's journey as he discovers what it takes for a man to become a hero, and how a hero can be just a man.

My Father and Other Superheroes is a moving and powerful story about the journey from childhood to fatherhood. Set across continents and eras, it follows one man's struggle to come to terms with the responsibilities of being a parent and his confrontation with his own father.

Lies About My Father by Phil Ormrod

Once upon a time, Phil told a lot of lies. This caused more problems than he had anticipated. Wracked with guilt, having alienated his friends, his family, and most of the staff at Tesco, he ran away for a day and a half, intending to spend the rest of his life as a wandering minstrel (or something). But then he realised it was actually all his dad’s fault, and that changed everything.

Lies About My Father is a one man show about the stories we tell the world to get what we want from it; the difficulties of being a father or a son; and the impossibility of growing up. The first in a trilogy of pieces about family

Admission: £10(£8)

ARC Theatre

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