HMS Pinafore

Mon 5th – Thu 8th Nov 2012


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" Durham University Light Opera Group (DULOG) returns to the stage this November with a dazzling performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore, the raucous comic opera that became an international sensation. Set on board the British sailing ship HMS Pinafore, this charming tale follows the complexities of love in an era where social standing and convention means everything. Yet Gilbert and Sullivan’s inspired opera, peppered with silliness and gaiety, strives to encapsulate the age-old adage that love does indeed conquer all. With musical numbers including “I’m Called Little Buttercup”, “I am the Captain of the Pinafore” and “We Sail the Ocean Blue”, HMS Pinafore promises to combine the visually stunning with the vocally scintillating, offering a production with romance, satire and frolics aplenty, all in the historic and beautiful setting of Durham’s Town Hall. "

Admission: £7(£6.50)

Durham Town Hall, Market Square

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