The Goddess of Walnuts

Sat 3rd – Sun 18th Aug 2013


“"I am Cleopatra and if I'm not, I should be. We're both living goddesses and we both like gin."”

The Catherine's Club


An aged actress, her dresser and a bottle of gin...Vivien Frey is due on stage. Vicky Frost is getting her ready. Tensions are running high and she's playing Cleopatra, isn't she?

The Goddess of Walnuts is heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival: a bittersweet comedy which dives head first into the nature of performance, the Egyptian afterlife and bucket loads of gin. And there’s a twist. Neither actress knows which role she is playing until the start of each performance; the decision is left entirely in the hands of the audience. See what happens night after night when the show must go on.

Admission: £5(£4.50) – £6(£5)

The Paradise in the Vault

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