At The Cistern

Thu 16th – Sat 18th Oct 2014


“Soundbite to be specified”





Hild Bede Theatre


'At The Cistern' by Durham graduate Joe Skelton is the winning play of the inaugural Darren Funnell Playwright award set up in order to encourage original, creative writing amongst Durham Students. The play is a humorous portrayal of a young couple who have recently moved to a run down house deep in the rural British countryside to escape the urban life they had previously led and explores their search for self-knowledge and self-fulfilment in the modern world.

It has long been a fantasy for Rob to move to the country, away from the urban sprawl, and do up his own house. That dream has recently become a reality and he is loving it, although his wife Charly isn't so sure. As it approaches her 28th birthday she's stuck with one foot in the country and the other still in city life where she works. Her uncertainty isn't helped when their new neighbours pop round to say hello and the young couple begin to realise quite how strange country life can be!

Admission: £5(£4) – £6

Caedmon Hall, Hild Bede

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