The Oh F__K Moment

Wed 18th – Fri 20th Apr 2012


“Soundbite to be specified”





Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe


You should probably see The Oh F__k Moment if you have ever stood on a rake. Or accidentally made your party cocktails with bleach. Or locked yourself in a shed. Or been caught cheating.

Or followed your inclination to experiment and ended up in A+E with a traumatic and embarrassing injury. Or crashed a plane. Or set fire to yourself. Or been responsible for someone's death. Or watched someone die. Or fallen awkwardly. Or fallen awkwardly on a rake. Or fallen awkwardly while flying a plane. Or put your tongue in the wrong person's mouth. Or put your tongue in what you thought was the right person's mouth and it turned out to be the wrong person's mouth. Or got really angry because someone told you a story about a horse. Or pressed the button that had the sign next to it saying: 'Do not under any circumstances press this button'.

Even if that button was a metaphorical one and it turned out to be the thing that blew up was your life. Or if you hit ‘reply all' and told them all just what you thought of them. Or if you have ever been in charge of a nuclear power station. Or a room full of toddlers. Or a government. Or just come if it was absolutely, positively your fault, and there is no point trying to explain, or apologise, or any of that stuff that usually makes it better. Or at least a bit less disastrous.

Or if you have done none of these things. Because someone has and the Hannah Jane and Chris definitely have and they would like to tell you about it, because one day, probably, you will do them too.

Oh, and come if you like poems and talking, this show has both of those things. Poems, talking and f__king up all in one show.

Produced by Emily Coleman.

Admission: £10(£8)

ARC Theatre

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