How DTR works

How to become a reviewer

Any student interested in the theatre (with an email address) can review for us. To get your free ticket to the first night performance and to be published online, request to review the play of your choice by going onto the event’s page or your ‘my reviews’ page.

NB: the request to review facility will be opened for each event on the Sunday a week and a half preceding its first night performance.

Although you are only able to request to review one play at the beginning, the more plays you successfully review within the time frame allocated, the more you will be eligible to request at any one time.

Uploading your own events online

Online Theatre Review’s sub-sites seek to encourage people to extensively publicise their events online, providing them with the space to upload interviews, rehearsal blogs, extracts from scripts, rehearsal photographs, vlogs, podcasts, polls and twitter feeds.

Request reviewers

When you upload events, you can request that two reviewers to come to your first night performance. Student reviewers (with an address) can request to review (on your ‘My Events’ page you can keep track of whether these reviewing slots have been taken). The two reviews will be published the following morning by midday.

Comprehensive map of theatrical venues:

On the homepage, all the city’s theatrical venues will be displayed on a large map, with links through to that venue’s portfolio.

Comprehensive Calendar of Theatrical Events:

Each sub-site will have a city-specific comprehensive calendar, compiled of the local theatrical events that venues, societies and individuals can upload onto the site themselves. The week’s calendar will be at the top of the homepage, clearly accessible to anyone using the site (a larger monthly calendar will also be accessible).

Portfolios for venues, societies and individuals:

Portfolio pages will list contact details, past and upcoming shows (with links through to events), have a bio and photo, will show recent activity and notices, twitter feeds and a venue-specific map where applicable. Venues, societies and individuals will be responsible for creating and maintaining these pages themselves, but any event or review that they contribute to (and are tagged in) will be automatically updated onto their page, so that profile pages can document the contribution an individual, society or venue makes to the local theatre scene and will serve as a testament to the high quality of events put on.

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