Fri 24th February 2012


Amy Peters

at 08:04 on 25th Feb 2012



Mind has been blown, once again. Connected is an evening of bafflement, intrigue and more than a bit of unnerved admiration. Derren Brown would have been proud.

I’m pretty convinced that Aaron Calvert is a genius. Somehow managing to combine a degree in medicine at Nottingham Uni with the incredible dedication and practice necessary to make a show like this work, he carries the whole performance with effortless flair and showmanship. Combining psychological tricks with hypnosis and some classic card games with a twist, Connected had the whole audience involved, completely captivated and engaging the crowd (well, those sober enough to concentrate – more on that later).

The evening (which began an hour later than advertised) was set in Market Vaults, the worst possible choice of venue for this performance, and one that really and truly damaged my enjoyment of the evening. Faulty microphones aside, the second half of the show was largely inaudible to a majority of the crowd, Calvert’s voice drowned out by the Friday night revellers at the bar and the deafening bass of the music below. To whoever made the decision to hold this performance here: it was a poor one, and one that definitely impacted on the show as a whole.

However, this is truly my only criticism of what should have been and incredible evening by a top class entertainer. Audience members were variously made to forget their own name or rendered motionless, and any blunders or mishaps were dealt with wittily and humbly (I always think the odd mistake adds to a show of this sort; it proves the genius before us is still human!).

Connected is absolutely an incredible show. Venue issues and technical glitches aside, tonight was one of the best evenings of entertainment I’ve seen in a long time, and urge anyone who gets the chance to go and see this baffling beauty of a display. Calvert’s tangible admiration for Derren Brown truly shines through, so if you’re after an evening in which all the rules are broken and logic must be thrown out the window, then Connected is most definitely for you. Prepare to be lost for words.


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