The Durham Revue Returners Show: Deckchair Diaries

Sat 13th October 2012


Bridget Wynne Willson

at 17:15 on 14th Oct 2012



The Durham Revue’s returning show supplied as ever its much loved and now renowned brand of humour. Making use of self-conscious awkwardness, intellectual references and the occasional lewd gag the troupe had the audience laughing throughout the show. The use of allusions to highbrow culture, such as Homer and Shakespeare, neither overwhelmed nor isolated audience members as it was sprinkled with references to modern day life, such as freshers’ experience and similar incidents that all are familiar with.

The cast members deliver solid performances rendering it difficult to pick out the most talented comics. Special mentions must, however, go to Fergus Leathem, whose brilliant use of dead pan and comic timing provided some of the funniest moments, and Stephanie Jones, whose smooth performance set up many of the show’s best punch-lines.

The performance was not perfect, however. Although many sketches were executed perfectly, others fell slightly flat. This was perceptible amongst the audience as silence as the lights faded contrasted with raucous laughter at other times; fortunately there was significantly more of the latter.

The usual costumes - black bottoms with white shirts and black braces - were perfectly simple and stylish, and the music played between sketches also served to enhance the performance. The setting, Castle Great Hall, was also a treat to audience members and performers alike.

Overall, the Durham Revue have proven a success in their performance of their Edinburgh Fringe show. Although sketches were generally a little hit-and-miss, most audience members came away with the feeling that they had been thoroughly amused by the evening’s entertainment.


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