Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Sat 7th December 2013


Emily Brearley-Bayliss

at 11:31 on 8th Dec 2013



Aiden’s pantomime version of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ was carnage from start to finish. With a huge crowd, the vast majority from Aiden’s, huddled on sofas, munching on popcorn, the scene was set for a decidedly informal and hilarious night. The stage was small and the setting simple, but the amateurish set up just made the whole thing more endearing. The cast were bubbling with energy from start to finish – the dwarves made an excellent ensemble, whether they were true to the originals or not, and the melee of background characters, from Goldilocks to Karen from ‘Mean Girls’, provided giggle after giggle for the audience.

Whoever wrote this show clearly had a penchant for ‘Mean Girls’. A typical panto script, filled with the appropriate amount of “Oh no he isn’t” moments, had the audience rolling on the floor with laughter. As an outsider the many, many Aiden’s-specific gags were completely lost on me, but the rest of the audience seemed to enjoy them. At least they put that universal Durham joke, that everyone hates Hatfield, to good use.

As always in pantomime the majority of the laughs come from dressing men up in ridiculous drag, and tonight was no exception. Rhys Williams was spectacular as the promiscuous, Twitter-obsessed, Snow Flake, who tried to seduce everyone from audience members to the rather perturbed Hunter (Imo Rolfe). Mark Barratt and Elgan Alderman were a dazzling double-act in the roles of The Queen and her Mirror. Easily the funniest on stage, their constant bickering and saucy musical numbers were brilliant, but by far the most impressive part was Barratt’s ability to stay upright his high heels!

In a wildly unprofessional and relaxed show the cast styled out any mistakes that were made. What sticks on one’s mind about this show is the fact that everyone, cast, crew and audience, had a thoroughly good time. You know you have been to see a good pantomime when you are still laughing even after it is over, and I was chuckling all the way down the steps, which, let’s be honest, is a very long way. Clarissa Lonsdale as Snow White and Jack Hurst as Prince Charming also gave great performances. Lonsdale’s singing must be commended, as well as Hurst’s lip-synching ability. A personal highlight for me was being dragged up onto stage for the last song, a tribute to everyone’s favourite hunting ground, Klute. I only wish I could have joined the post-show social!


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