Alex Hylton & Sarah Keyworth: Chasing Tales

Thu 6th – Sun 30th August 2015


Archie Hill

at 09:56 on 1st Sep 2015



It’s one of the cruel quirks of Edinburgh that some of the best shows that come up are lost in the sheer volume of the competition, hidden away in one of the hundreds of different venues. Chasing Tales, a stand-up show by rising comedy stars Alex Hylton and Sarah Keyworth, is forced to contend with this, being buried away in the basement of the Espionage club/labyrinth.

Part of the Free Fringe, it’s still better and funnier than a lot of ticketed comedy shows on offer, so it’s sad that it doesn’t necessarily get the attention it deserves. Alex and Sarah present different halves of the show each, but the two are linked by the common theme of dating and (sometimes disastrous) love lives; from his perspective of having just broken up with his childhood girlfriend, and from hers of recently coming out as a lesbian.

Don’t be put off: it’s not all pity and gloom (though it peeps through from time to time in brilliantly self-deprecating bursts). Both comics are refreshingly honest and open, unworried about pushing a particular persona – it’s just a fun hour of well-told stories about life, sex and the excitements of Nuneaton (and other things as well…) The sets link together well, and are consistently funny without losing any of the more relatable human elements.

Both Alex and Sarah engage well with the audience, building the rapport around the room, seemingly enjoying themselves as much as the audience. It’s just a nice atmosphere, and really worth going, not least given how good value it is – proof if nothing else of how great the Free Fringe is. With any luck, word of mouth will draw larger crowds for the final week, as Chasing Tales is a show that definitely deserves a wider viewing.


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